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black bedtime stories

Hello, I'm a first-time black author of a children's book called, The Falling Star Repairman. It was published on 8/9/2022 and has all 5-star reviews on Amazon. I promise your child will be thrilled my book and want to read it over and over again! All I can ask is if you'll please take a peek at it and if you like it, buy it! Thank you.


When stars fall from the sky, where do they land? Do they get hurt? Can they be fixed? Join Elmer, the last falling-star repairman in the galaxy, as he tries to keep the night sky filled with starlight while making special friends along the way.

Things I Can Do

For many years I have enjoyed a career as a music teacher and wedding and events musician.


"Parents will love this inspiring book about an African-American boy named Marcus, who has a very special gift! His friendship with Elmer, an elderly man, is very sweet, and it contributes to the endearing nature of this vibrantly illustrated children's book." -Stacy A. Padula, award-winning author of On the Right Path, Gripped, and Montgomery Lake High